Develop a Local Marketing Strategy

Develop a Local Marketing Strategy

March 8, 2012

What is “Local Marketing”?  Local marketing means making your marketing messages more personal, and reaching out to your customers at the neighborhood level. You are probably already implementing local marketing techniques by talking to local vendors and potential customers in your community. However, to be fully effective, you should develop a concerted local marketing strategy.

Developing your local marketing strategy

Take some time to think about your local area and the people and businesses within it.
1. You need to identify where the majority of your target market is; think about the type of people and businesses that are most likely to buy your products. Pinpoint those regions and focus your local marketing efforts on those regions.

2. Breakdown your target market into distinct groups and develop campaigns to target each group. Consider the general public, local businesses, key stakeholders in the community, events and fairs, and community groups. How will you reach each group? Create a timeline for rolling out your strategies.

3. Include feedback-gaining techniques in your strategy. Use online and offline feedback channels. Without this feedback you won’t be able to fully assess the success of your campaigns.

4. Learn to properly utilize  Google places, Social media, QR codes, Coupons and Mobile app/ web pages to interact and gather feedback and bring exposure , traffic and money.

Having a clear local marketing strategy allows you to think about and better understand your local market; you can focus on the regions where you will be most successful, and gain valuable feedback.

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How much is each customer worth to you?

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